Animal Symbolism
With deep respect and appreciation for the nature of caregivers’ work, the concept of Cesura is reflected in the symbolism of the logo element, a sea otter.sleeping-sea-otter-3

Throughout history and across cultures, animal symbolism has endured. While the symbolism varies somewhat, the general belief is that each animal is a spiritual teacher and messenger. Animals carry messages and lessons that can give our lives guidance on our journey towards better balance.

It has been said that otters remind us that we need to give ourselves the freedom to relax and let go of our daily concerns. The power of otters is in the recognition that we have to take care of ourselves first in order to be of use to others. Otters also remind adults that we need to find joy in the little things that gave us pleasure when we were children.

Additionally, the otter’s affinity to water is symbolic of healing because water is a cleansing and purifying element.

Musical Symbolism
In addition to the animal symbolism in our logo element, you may also have noticed two small vertical lines in the center of the “a” in Cesura.Cesura respite for caregivers

On an audio player, we know that pressing the button with those vertical lines will pause the sound.

In music, two vertical lines, called a cesura (seh-­ZOO-­rah), indicate a pause in the constant motion of the music.

We chose this word for the name of our program because in the lives of families caring for a loved one, Cesura is also a pause; an interlude in the challenges of managing serious health issues. Cesura is an oasis for caregivers, providing physical and emotional benefits that can relieve stress, help promote balance and restore energy.