The creators of Cesura, Laura Strickland and Alex Mack, are professional musicians whose passion is creating meaningful musical experiences for their listeners. In their ensemble, SoSco Duo, they provide masterful performances of flute and guitar music for a wide variety of audiences throughout the state.

Following these performances, Laura and Alex greet audience members, frequently receiving praise for enchanting listeners, perhaps most notably in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, care homes — and not only from patients and their families. Healthcare professionals also share how much they cherish the soothing effects of Laura and Alex’s music. Many of these professionals have expressed what a valuable gift it would be to offer these restorative events consistently, to help manage the stress levels of patients, their families and themselves.

Inspired by these sentiments, Laura and Alex began to envision music­ centered, multi­-sensory experiences that could help ease the burden of family caregivers who are managing the stress of caring for a loved one with a disability or chronic health condition.

They named their vision Cesura.