In music, a cesura (seh-­ZOO-­rah) is a pause; an interlude in the constant motion of the music. In the lives of families caring for a loved one, Cesura is also a pause; an interlude in the challenges of managing serious health issues. Cesura is an oasis for family caregivers, providing physical and emotional benefits that can relieve stress, help promote balance and restore energy.

Guests chatting Cesura caregiversCesura is not a concert; It is a sensory escape. Cesura is crafted around the needs and experiences of family caregivers — to create the temporary escape they need and deserve, when they need it most. Live, peaceful flute and guitar music is at the center of every event because of music’s unique capacity to engage all areas of the brain and affect the emotions. An extensive playlist of music in a multitude of styles is complemented by custom mood lighting, candles and aromatherapy, comfort food and drink, and opportunities for deep connection with others who share similar journeys.